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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Favorite Marathon Through The Eyes of Another

I'm 4 days removed from the 2011 Eugene Marathon and still feeling the euphoria from it.  Words are hard to pen as to how running 26.2 miles makes a person feel mentally and spiritually; sure I try, but I come up terribly short.  Not every marathoner feels the same emotion, but every marathoner will completely and wholly understand it.

During the Eugene Marathon, as most of you know from my  Race Recap published earlier this week, that I had the privilege of having my good friend Jeff McKay run by my side the entire 26.2 miles.  Also a gifted writer, he publised a story for concerning our race.  What I love is how these writings showcase how you have one race and two different perspectives although they came from two people who ran side-by-side the entire distance.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, snuggle down, and enjoy a great read about one of the best weekends of my life from a perspective not my own.

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