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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Diary of Mad Woman : Part 3 ~ Bald With Flippers

I'm bald; as in baby-butt-smooth bald.  I should be anyway.  Actually, it's a miracle I'm not.  Running has been my stress reliever since I started it in 2004. Entering into day 16 of no running, it's remarkable and noteworthy that I have not yet pulled out all my hair.

Someone buy me a stocking cap just in case.

My husband and I will be spending the weekend in Seattle.  His work is throwing a company-wide party celebrating their Centennial year in business.  Normally one to love a good hob-knobbing, this one struck a chord of anxiety within me.  How in the world does one wear party attire and not wear heels?  The Ankle Dictator smirks at me.

The human population calls the appendages at the bottom of their legs "feet".  I, on the other hand, call mine flippers.  God blessed me with a very wide foot which is an incredible advantage when it comes to scuba diving.  I don't scuba dive.  

The high heeled shoes I do find are relatively comfortable on my flippers; however, throw in a sprained ankle and no designer creates shoes that wide.  My running shoes (which I'm fortunate enough to be able to wear to my job while being injured) will somehow not cut it with party attire.

Such are my life contemplations this week while being injured.  Normally I'd run to solve this world-coming-to-an-end problem,  but we all know that's as possible as me getting my swollen left flipper into a high heeled shoe.  Enter in the pulling out of my hair.

If you are at The Westin in downtown Seattle on Saturday night look for me.  I'll be the woman in party attire, wearing a stocking cap and running shoes. 

And I'll look hot.

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