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Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Front Porch Goes POP!

This may comes as a shock to some, but I do more things in life than run.  I know, I know it doesn't seem like it by the blogs I write, but I do.

One of my favorite things to do is change things.  While weeding one day I looked at my front porch and I mean really looked at my front porch.  It was boring.  The kind of boring that would make you want to curl up and sleep rather than sit and visit.  Or ring our doorbell.

See what I mean...

Not exactly thrilling is it?  By the way, I did see you yawn.

My son happen to run by me while playing a mean game of tag with the neighbor kids and his neon green shirt caught my eye.  And it made me wonder - what would my front porch look like with a big ole pop o' color?

I made a quick trip to the home improvement store to look at spray paint.  All those pretty colors on all those spray cans made my senses go into overload.  After staring at them for almost an eternity, I decided on lime green and bright orange.

With my spray paint in hand I stopped by the fabric store and found the perfect match for the cushions I was making for the chairs.

The project now finished, I must say, I really like it.  The front porch now announces our home's personality and the rambunctiousness that comes from a home of all boys. 

Wanna takes bets on how long it'll last before a football knocks down the artwork?

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