The World Through My Shoes is my look at living this incredible gift God has given us. As a busy wife, mother and daughter I relish the alone time I receive on my early morning runs. It is in the stillness of those predawn mornings where I often am inspired. Thank you for taking the time to read my words.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Elusive 3:59:59

Sub 4.
It's a mantra.
It's a chant.
It's elusive.

This is something I've worked toward for a long time.  It has been just out of my grasp.

My racing shows it's possible, the vdot numbers predict it, yet I've never seen it.

My best is a 4:11:56 attained last fall.  The numbers tell me I'm capable of a 3:46:02. 

I stand in my way.

This past June I was ready.  I knew it was going to happen at the Winthrop Marathon.  It didn't as the heat flattened me.  My motivation has not been the same since.

Only recently have I been able to shake the blow my last marathon dealt.  A few incredibly strong training runs pulled me up from the dark hole I was in.  Looking down, I shudder at the depth of that hole.

It's not easy being transparent.

It's scary publicly stating my goals.

Bellingham Bay Marathon is 6 days away. The weather forecasts ideal running conditions.  Winthrop will not be repeated.

The course contains many hills screaming to my logic it is not conducive to a personal best. 

My heart says, "Try."

My will says, "Do."

The plan is in place.  Now, it's up to me.



  1. I have faith! And either way I can tell you will give it your all! (And it makes me a little sad that you can finish an enitire marathon close to the time it takes me to do a half LOL)

    1. Thank you so much for your vote of confidence ~ I appreciate it more than you know Kates!

  2. Cheri-we all fall down. I fell down at Skagit Flats, you fell down at Winthrop. It's how you get back up, that is the most important thing after falling. You will get back up this Sunday, I know it. Take the last 6 ONE at a time, break that section down into 6 little races, and celebrate to yourself after finishing "each race." Block out the pain, block out the "I'll just be happy to finish." Think only of sub-4 and hold that 9:05(?) pace to get you there. I know more than anyone that you can do it. So just do it, then celebrate.

    1. Thank you Pat, your encouragement and faith in me have been unwavering. Sunday will be a day we will all celebrate. I promise you my best. No dragons that day. None.

  3. The fact that you run marathons, regardless of how you do, is still quite an accomplishment and an inspiration to many of us. Good luck on Sunday! I can't wait to see that you crushed it!

    1. Thanks Chris - I appreciate the encouragement! Keep up the running and the following of your dreams...