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Monday, October 18, 2010

Stepping Stones and Pathways

Today the 2011 Boston Marathon registration opens and I figure what better day than today to publish the goals I've thought about over the last week.  The path I'm following leads to Boston, and along the way I'll have to use some stepping stones.  The journey begins.

Ultimate Goal: To run the Boston marathon.
I am 41 years old which in Boston Marathon language means 3:50:59.   Wish me luck as next March I renew my driver’s license and I’m not sure how I’ll convince those department of licensing people that 3:50:59 is an actual age. 

Stepping Stone Goals
  1. To run the entire 26.2 miles.
    The longest I’ve run without stopping is 22 miles.  I realize this will take not only physical stamina, but incredible amounts of mental fortitude.  Looking back at my marathons, I realize I break down mentally long before I break down physically.  This has to change.
  2. To run a 4:10 marathonThis knocks 7 minutes off my PR.  My last PR was by 7 minutes, I can do this.
  3. To run a 3:59 marathonWith improvement, I believe this stepping stone and stepping stone #1 could go hand in hand.
  4. To run a 3:50 marathonThis will cause wild celebration and tears for weeks as Ultimate Goal will then be achieved.
  5. To let my children see me succeed in my goals and if I fail at them, to have them see how to accept it, pick up the pieces and continue to move forward.  When our children witness this, they learn success can come in the shape of failure but we are never bound by them.

In a couple weeks a few Marathon Maniacs are putting on an uncertified marathon around Lake Sammamish.  It is an extremely laid back atmosphere with options to run 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles or a 50k.  The best part? It’s FREE.  Free is always good in my book.  I emailed the race director to sign up and ask some questions, and as of today, I am 90% certain I will run this race.  My goal is to work on Stepping Stone #1.  Now should any of the other goals fall into place, well, that’ll be pure icing on the cake!

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